Sembaruthi 30 July 2019 Written Update: Parvathy Determined To Cut All Ties With Adithya

July 30, 2019


2 min

Sundaram, who has been a loyal servant of the Adhikadavur family for over 25 years, asks his daughter not to be the cause of a rift between Adithya and his mother (Akhilandeshwari). He knows his daughter dreams of getting married to Adithya, and hence he feels she must realise at the earliest that it won’t materialise. To honour her father’s words, Parvathy, who already feels guilty about hiding her marriage, decides she won’t disappoint Sundaram anymore. Are you wondering what happened in tonight’s episode? Read on to know.

Arun records a video of Vanaja and Uma when they wash clothes while fuming with rage. A while later, he threatens them by saying he would show the video to Akhilandeshwari if they refuse to follow his instructions. Vanaja agrees to listen to him and requests him not to show it to Akhilandeshwari. Thus Varun makes Vanaja slog like a dog. He knows they don’t deserve mercy and hence he doesn’t regret getting unnecessary work done from people like her.

Meanwhile, Adithya, who is in Mumbai to sign a multi-crore project, makes several calls to Parvathy, but she purposely avoids them. Adithya wonders why she isn’t responding to his phone and starts worrying about her uncanny behaviour. He wanted to meet Parvathy before he left Chennai for Mumbai, but she avoided coming in front of him on the road. How long will Parvathy be able to ignore Adithya? Sadly, she looks determined to cut all ties with Adithya. What do you think will happen from this point? For more entertainment, watch Nachiyarpuram on ZEE5.

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