Sembaruthi 27 July 2019 Written Update: Parvathy Decides To Stay Away From Adithya

July 27, 2019


3 min

Adithya has succeeded in proving that Vanaja had hatched a plan to trap Sundaram. She wanted to accuse Sundaram of replacing the original Adhikadavur ancestral chain with a duplicate one. But, Adithya outsmarts her by proving she masterminded the entire act only to throw Sundaram out of the house. In today’s episode of Sembaruthi, Parvathy takes a drastic step, and to know what it is, read on.

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Akhilandeshwari feels guilty of humiliating Parvathy and Sundaram before she knew who stole the Adhikadavur chain. So she shares her thoughts with Purushothaman, who asks her not to think too much about it. However, he tells her to put her plans to send Parvathy away from the house, on hold for a few days. But Akhilandeshwari gets furious with him for making the most of her state of mind and saving Parvathy from getting punished. Later, in the day, Akhilandeshwari sends Adithya on her behalf to Mumbai to attend a meeting.

Before leaving for Mumbai, when Adithya calls Parvathy, she avoids answering it. She decides to stay away from him after her father’s words resonate in her ears. Sundaram had asked Parvathy to make sure that she doesn’t become the cause of a rift between Adithya and Akhilandeshwari. When Ganesh asks her to receive Adithya’s call, Parvathy tells him that she no longer wishes to go against their father’s wish. She feels she must stay away from Adithya because their marriage won’t materialize. Elsewhere, Adithya wonders why Parvathy isn’t attending his calls.

A while later, Akhilandeshwari calls all the staff member as she makes an announcement. She tells everyone that she has appointed a new domestic help to take care of the entire house’s responsibility. Everyone wonders who it could be and gets shocked when they hear the name. Akhilandeshwari appoints Vanaja as the new maid of the house. She tells Vanaja that she must either choose the job of a maid at her house or take a flight to the place where her family is.

What will Vanaja do now? And if you love watching supernatural thrillers, then checkout Yaaradi Nee Mohini videos on ZEE5.


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