Sembaruthi 26 November 2019 Written Update: Parvathy Is Happy To See Adi-Akhila Make Up

November 26, 2019


2 min

In the previous episode, Akhilandeshwari talks the workers into voting for Mithra, who even taunts Parvathy later on. Parvathy loses all hope to win the elections. Adithya motivates her later on and tells her that he thinks she will definitely win. He also tells her how Nandini has been tracking his moves and took away the one chance of finding evidence against her that he had.

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Adithya gives Parvathy a bouquet to celebrate her win in advance. When she comes back home, she finds Ganesha waiting for her. Turns out Sundaram woke him up and asked him to wait for her at home. Ganesha also motivates her for the elections but Sundaram enters and says that she will never win. Ganesha challenges Sundaram and says that if Parvathy wins the elections, he wants to take a family picture with Adithya in it and hang it on the wall at home. Sundaram agrees.

At home, Arun and Aishwarya are also worried about the elections. Vanaja and Mithra taunt Aishwarya and ask her to be on their side now but she lashes out at them. She tells them that she will be on Parvathy’s side no matter what.

The workers begin voting at work and most of them tell Vanaja that they have voted for Mithra. During lunch break, Parvathy forces Adithya to eat and is just about to get food for him when Akhila enters with a plate of food. They have a very cute moment with each other as she tells him that the mother in her is concerned about him but the Adikaduvar descendent in her is furious with him.

Parvathy smiles and her heart melts as she sees them keep their differences aside. Mithra and Vanaja are, however, not too happy with it.

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