Sembaruthi 24 July 2019 Written Update: Adithya Determined To Expose Vanaja’s Duplicity

July 24, 2019


2 min

If you like¬†Adithya and Parvathy’s chemistry, then you will love tonight’s episode. As always, Adithya transforms into Parvathy’s knight in shining armour. To know how today’s episode of Sembaruthi unfolded, read on. Vanaja purposely calls the jeweler home to get the fake ancestral chain polished only to humiliate Sundaram. When the jeweler inspects the chain, he informs Akhilandeshwari that its not the original piece of jewellery but duplicate.

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As soon as Akhilandeshwari is informed about the fake piece of jewelry, she fumes with anger. She asks one of her staff to call Sundaram to interrogate him regarding the chain. Purushothaman and Adithya ask her not to do so but she wants to know where her chain is. Parvathy falls at her feet and requests her to spare her father because he can never think of duping anyone. But Vanaja continues to instigate Akhilandeshwari.

To save Sundaram and Parvathy from the humiliation, Adithya reveals that he found the chain in Vanaja’s purse. He says that Sundaram or Parvathy have no role to play in replacing the original chain with a fake one. Vanaja, who has hidden the chain elsewhere, cooperates with Adithya when he and Arun check her room. However, they don’t find it there. Akhilandeshwari wonders who is telling the truth – Adithya or Vanaja. Adithya asks Akhilandeshwari to give him an hour to prove Vanaja is the culprit. Some time later, Arun gets a call from the bank stating that their locker has been looted by buglers. Vanaja, who overhears this news, gets stunned by Akhilandeshwari looks least perturbed. Adithya has laid a trap to expose Vanaja’s lie and hence he asks Parvathy not to worry. Will Adithya be able to prove Vanaja stole the original chain?

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