Sembaruthi 21 August 2019 Preview: Adithya Makes Arun The Managing Director Of Companies

August 21, 2019


3 min

Yesterday, we told you that Adithya-Arun’s brotherhood reminds us of Lord Rama and Lakshmana. Today, they prove that their bond is unbreakable. In tonight’s episode of Sembaruthi, you will see Adithya taking a drastic step to help his brother become a successful businessman. We are sure that you will be happy to see how Adithya and Arun set a classic example.

Adithya asks the lawyer to read the document that states – (1) Adithya’s resignation from the post of the Managing Director, (2) handover of the fifteen companies to the new MD Arun, (3) Adithya shall be an advisor to the MD and (4) Arun alone shall have the powers to take the final call regarding business. Adithya’s decision shocks everyone, including Aishwarya, who was the first one to raise the issue of a division of the companies.

For the unversed, here’s the chain of events that led to the turmoil. Nandhini plants one of her loyalists in Adithya Group Of Companies to target Arun and shame him by making him commit a blunder. Nandhini’s aide succeeds in getting Arun’s signature on a futile contract that was rejected by many other organisations. Adithya’s company incurs a loss of Rs 50 crores because of Arun’s recklessness. To make Arun more accountable, Adithya scolds him in front of Aishwarya. Unable to bear the insult, Aishwarya fights with Arun and tells him that she did not appreciate Adithya’s behaviour towards him. Later, Nandhini tries to influence Aishwarya’s mind by telling her to claim Arun’s share in the business. Aishwarya shares her concerns with Parvathy, who suggests that she must speak to Adithya and not Akhilandeshwari. And hence Adithya’s decision.

For those who joined in late, here’s revealing why Nandhini’s plan failed. Nandhini wanted to create a rift between the two brothers, but their bond emerged stronger. Stay tuned to this space for the latest updates on the show and for more entertainment, watch Nachiyarpuram, starring real-life couple Dinesh and Rachitha.

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