Sembaruthi 20 May 2019 Preview: Parvathy Rushed To The Hospital?

May 20, 2019


2 min

In the last episode of Sembaruthi, Nandhini is worried about the events that happened at Akhilandeshwari’s house. So she calls up Vanaja. Vanaja narrates to her how she tried to instigate Akhilandeshwari against Parvathy but she failed at it. Incidentally, Nandhini tells Vanaja that she feels that something is amiss about the note that the astrologer gave. Meanwhile, Purushtoman meets Adithya and tells him that the note that astrologer gave is different and tells him that he had replaced the note with the one that he had written. When Adithya reads the actual note given by the astrologer he finds it to be true to what happened earlier.

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In today’s episode, we would see that Adithya and one of his friend walk into the hospital and they both look worried. Meanwhile, they spot Purushotaman and Vanaja standing with Sundharam. And they walk towards them. Vanaja is not happy to see Adithya but Purushotaman looks relieved. Later, Adithya walks into the ICU and looks around, there are doctors standing there and somebody is seen lying on the bed and by the looks of it, it seems to be Parvathy.

So, what do you think might have happened? Why is Parvathy hospitalised?

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