Sembaruthi 20 August 2019 Written Update: Parvathy Performs Munnorgal Puja; Akhila Furious

August 20, 2019


4 min

In today’s episode of Sembaruthi, the unexpected happens. To know how things unfolded, read on. It can’t get more exciting than this for sure. Although it may take longer for Akhilandshwari to learn about Adithya – Parvathy’s marriage, you will be happy to know what happened in Sembaruthi tonight.

The episode begins with Adithya taking Arun to his room and insisting that he must have dinner before going to sleep. He asks Parvathy to get idlis for Arun, but the latter refuses to have. Adithya scolds, but Arun puts his foot down. In the end, Adithya slaps Arun to bring him back to his senses and make him listen to his order. Finally, Adithya feeds Arun to express love for his younger sibling.

Arun, who is happy that his brother slapped him, indirectly tells Aishwarya that Adithya loves him a lot. He also says that Adithya has all the rights to scold and beat him. The brothers bond in the most heart-warming way, and it leaves Parvathy teary-eyed. Adithya makes Arun sleep and asks Aishwarya not to worry.

Meanwhile, Akhilandeshwari keeps thinking about Arun’s emotional outburst. Purushothaman, who knows his wife very well, asks her not to overthink. He explains that Arun has always been a rebel and his behaviour is nothing new. Hence, he urges Akhilandeshwari to stop thinking about Arun. To calm her down, Purushothaman suggests that Akhilandeshwari should perform the Munnorgal Puja to mend broken fences and pray for their blessings. Akhilandeshwari instantly agrees to perform the puja and heads to the temple room.

Here’s when the actual drama begins. Akhilandeshwari finds Parvathy worshipping the Munnorgal. Soon after seeing her doing the puja, Akhilandeshwari fumes with anger. She takes Parvathy’s name aloud, but Parvathy doesn’t respond. And when she tries to shake her up, Purushothaman stops her from laying her hand on her. Purushothaman’s action rattles Akhilandeshwari even more. Akhila feels that Parvathy has no right to perform the puja and insists she must get up, but Purushothaman forcefully takes her away to the living room.

Uma, Vanaja and Mithra, who have been waiting for a drama, finally get to see one. Akhilandeshwari asks Purushothaman why he stopped her from disrupting the puja performed by Parvathy. Purushothaman asks her to calm down and patiently listen to her. Meanwhile, Adithya also steps in. Vanaja pokes her nose to find out why Akhilandeshwari is furious. Akhilandeshwari reveals that Parvathy, who is an ordinary servant, is performing the Munnorgal Puja. Vanaja tries to add fuel to the fire but gets silenced by Purushothaman. He tells Akhilandeshwari not to do anything that would irk their ancestors. He feels that anyone who is a true well-wisher of the Adhikadavurs is a part of the family. And hence, he says Parvathy is family. Adithya seconds Purushothaman’s views, but Akhilandeshwari refuses to listen. In the end, Purushothaman tells Akhilandeshwari to make a choice – he asks her to either disrespect the Almighty by ruining the puja or embrace family pride.

Now, what will Akhilandeshwari do? Stay tuned to this space for the latest updates on the show and for more entertainment, check out Nachiyarpuram, starring real-life couple Dinesh and Rachitha, on ZEE5.

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