Sembaruthi 2 August 2019 Preview: Adithya Slaps Parvathy After She Asks Him To Forget Her

August 2, 2019


2 min

Sembaruthi fans want to see Adithya and Parvathy together but will the couple in question, remain united? In yesterday’s episode, we saw how Parvathy avoided eye contact with Adithya after he returned home from Mumbai. Adithya genuinely wanted to meet her at the temple, but she refused to even talk to him. In today’s episode, Parvathy will do the unthinkable.

Yes, you will see Parvathy telling Adithya to forget her because she feels she is not worthy of his mother’s stature and pride. Adithya, who feels Parvathy is overreacting, asks her not to worry but when she insists they must part ways, he slaps her. Sundaram has reprimanded Parvathy for having a relationship with Adithya. He doesn’t wish to feel apologetic before Akhilandeshwari, his boss, whom he has served for 25 years. Hence Sundaram asks Parvathy to mend her ways before he punishes her for biting off more than she can chew.

Parvathy, who loves and respects her father a lot, doesn’t wish to overrule Sundaram’s warning. She decides to cut all ties with Adithya. She has already started avoiding his phone calls. Today, when she finally meets him, she asks him not to nurture hopes of living his life with her. She realises that she will never get Akhilandeshwari’s acceptance and blessings. Hence, she chooses to walk out of the relationship for Adithya’s betterment.

What will Adithya do now? Will he reveal he is married to Parvathy and disclose the truth to Akhilandeshwari? And how will Adithya convince Sundaram to let Parvathy talk to him? To know what happens hereafter keep watching Sembaruthi, and for more entertainment, check out Piriyadha Varam Vendum, on ZEE5.

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