Sembaruthi 19 September 2019 Written Update: Guruji Wants Akhila To Accept Parvathy

September 19, 2019


3 min

In today’s episode of Sembaruthi, the Guruji reveals to his shishya that Akhilandeshwari will eventually realise that there can be no one better than Parvathy for Adithya. Hence, he tells her to send Adithya abroad for a few days. Read on to know how the episode unfolded. Akhilandeshwari leaves the mansion early in the morning without informing even Purushothaman.

When he calls her, she says that she is out for some important work, and shall return only in the evening. Meanwhile, Adithya visits the outhouse to meet Parvathy and see if she has recovered. Purushothaman also visits the outhouse to inform Adithya that his mother has gone out somewhere. He feels that Adithya shouldn’t have told her the truth about his concerns for Parvathy. Sundaram fears about the consequences and asks if Purushothaman had spoken with Adithya regarding Parvathy. Purushothaman tells Sundaram that Adithya is very clear in his head about Parvathy, and tells Sundaram not to worry.

Akhilandeshwari, who had left home without telling anyone, visits the Guruji’s ashram to get clarity. She tells him how an astrologer asked her if she was trying to test his expertise by showing him the horoscopes of a married couple. For the unversed, Akhilandeshwari had approached him with Adithya and Parvathy’s horoscopes. She also tells him about Adithya’s concerns for Parvathy. She wishes to know if there’s any relationship between the two. Instead of answering her question, the Guruji asks her if she has decided whom she would like to give the Spatika Linga to.

Later, he tells her that there’s a threat to Adithya’s life. He wants Akhilandeshwari to realise that Parvathy is the right choice for Adithya. However, he knows that it can happen only in Adithya’s absence. After reaching home, Akhilandeshwari convinces Adithya to go to London by saying that there’s a threat to his father’s life. However, when Purushothaman questions her about it, she says that she lied to him. In the end, she reveals that there’s a threat to Adithya’s life. Vanaja, who peeps into their room, overhears the conversation. Keep watching Sembaruthi, and for more entertainment, check out Nachiyarpuram, a show starring real-life couple Dinesh and Rachitha, on ZEE5.


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