Sembaruthi 18 April 2019 Preview: Mithra And Vanaja In Trouble

April 18, 2019


2 min

In the last episode of Sembaruthi, we see that Mithra and Vanaja are not happy when they see Arun and Aishwarya’s growing closeness. Later, we see Adithya asks for Akhilandeshwari’s approval to arrange for a party to celebrate her becoming an MP. Although Akhilandeshwari does not approve of it initially, later upon the insisting of her husband, she agrees. Followed by that we see that Adithya and Parvathy are having a serious conversation and Adithya informs her that he is planning to have a reception event for them amidst the party arranged for Akhilandeshwari. Finally, we see that Mithra receives a call from an unknown number and the person starts blackmailing her about revealing her true identity to the world.

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In today’s episode, Akhilandeshwari is speaking with Mithra and she asks her to accompany her to an important place that she is going to visit. However, to this Mithra is shocked and cannot respond. Later, we see that Vanaja who is with Nandhini, in her house sees Akhilandeshwari’s car at the doorstep and is worried about it. Akhilandeshwari is seen getting out of the car and walking towards the house.

So, why do you think Akhilandeshwari is visiting Nandhini’s place? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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