Sembaruthi 16 April 2019 Written Update Of Full Episode: Adithya And Parvathy Get Romantic

Parvathy sits on the chair, we see that Akhilandeshwari has come close to Adithya’s cabin. The tension is high and anticipation of tragedy is built.

April 16, 2019


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In the last episode of Sembaruthi, we saw how Aishwarya and Arun inform Adithya about their decision of not having kids before his wedding. Later, Adithya asks Parvathy to cook something that he likes and keep it ready for him when he returns from the office. But when he does not turn up on time, she actually takes the tiffin to him. In the office when the secretary tries to stop her, she says that Adithya needs to have his lunch on time and if he is reluctant to come out of the meeting room, she will enter the room and give him the food.

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In today’s episode, we see that although Adithya is amused by Parvathy’s antics, he speaks to her with a serious face and asks her the reason behind being so bossy. To this, she replies that it is a wife’s duty to be bossy when needed. However, she asks him to wash his hands and eat the food that she has prepared. Adithya insists her to eat with him, they argue for some time and reluctantly agrees to Parvathy’s demand.

After having the food prepared by her, Adithya is so smitten by the taste of the food that he says that he should somehow find a way to honour Parvathy’s efforts. So, he thinks of how Mithra once sat on his office chair and he asks Parvathy to go and sit on it. When Parvathy is doubtful about it, he assures her that she should sit on it. Meanwhile, unknown to these two Akhilandeshwari is seen walking in to perhaps meet Adithya.

Finally, Parvathy sits on the chair and we see that Akhilandeshwari has come close to Adithya’s cabin. The tension is high and anticipation of tragedy is built but when Akhilandeshwari opens the door, she sees that Parvathy is serving food to Adithya. Akhilandeshwari is further pleased to realise that Parvathy took the initiative to bring food for Adithya.

Parvathy, Adithya and Akhiladeshwari
A still from Sembaruthi

Later, Akhilandeshwari expresses her wish to share the food, Adithya is a bit worried for he knows that Parvathy has still not had anything and the extra food was meant for her. But Parvathy assures Adithya with her glance and serves the food to Akhilandeshwari, she has her fill and leaves them be. Finally, we are shown how Adithya and Parvathy saw Akhilandeshwari walking in, in the CCTV camera.

Kathir and Janani
A still from Sembaruthi

In the night, we see that Arun tries his best to woo Aishwarya and makes efforts to make her understand his feelings for her but she acts as if she is not bothered. However, she gives her consent and they share a romantic time. Meanwhile, Parvathy goes to Adithya’s room, where he tries to create a situation to embrace her but she playfully pushes him and runs away.

So what do you think is the cause of this romance bouts between the two couples?

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