Sembaruthi 14 November 2019 Written Update: Adithya Is Unhappy With Akhila’s Decision

November 15, 2019


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In the previous episode, Vanaja decides to learn hypnosis and try it on Akhilandeshwari, based on what she saw the doctors do with Akhila. She tries it on Akhila also who plays along only to find out what Vanaja’s intentions are. Vanaja is confident of her skills since she first tries it on Mithra and has a somewhat successful run. Mithra ends up confessing that she is in love with Adithya. However, Vanaja gets a scolding from Akhila, who tells her that she cannot be hypnotised that easily and will never tell her what she her feelings are.

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Akhila drives Vanaja away after giving her a good scolding. Vanaja is, of course, upset with how things turned out. At work, Adithya congratulates Gajendran, who served as the Goodwill Ambassador and is retiring from work. Akhila also praises his efforts in making sure that things are running smoothly between the management and the production team. She also says that she will announce the replacement candidate as soon as she comes to a decision and requests everyone to trust her with it.

Vanaja meets Nandini and tells her everything. Nandini asks Vanaja to convince Akhila to make Mithra the Goodwill Ambassador so they can turn the workers against Akhila. Vanaja and Mithra go to Akhila’s room to talk about the same. Akhila confesses that she is thinking of making Aishwarya the Goodwill Ambassador and Mithra storms out crying. Vanaja then tells Akhila that Mithra was hoping to become the Goodwill Ambassador since she is the older daughter-in-law of the house and it would also be an opportunity for her to get to know Adi well. Akhila decides to make Mithra the Goodwill Ambassador thinking it will improve her equation with Adithya.

Akhila calls Mithra and tells her that she wants her to be the Goodwill Ambassador of the company. Just then, Adithya walks past the room and overhears their conversation. He is not happy with Akhila’s decision since he knows that Mithra will only create problems. He discusses it with Purushothaman and Arun, who are wondering what to do next. Adithya then says that he has decided to make Parvathy another candidate opposite Mithra and make her win. Adi also says that he is confident that she will do justice to the role.

Adi also says that he wants to remove the ‘cook/servant’ image of Parvathy from Akhila’s mind and prove to her that Parvathy is more than just a cook in the house. He also says that he has a plan to expose Mithra’s truth to Akhila since she doesn’t know Mithra is Nandini’s sister.

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