Sembaruthi 10 July 2019 Written Update: Nandhini Kidnaps Purushothaman; Adi Rescues Him

July 10, 2019


2 min

Vanaja meets Nandhini to know how they can stop Purushothaman from discussing Adithya-Parvathy’s marriage with Akhilandeshwari. Nandhini, who is hell-bent on getting Mithra married to Adithya, hatches a plan to stop Purushothaman from celebrating his birthday. What will she do? Read on to know what happened in today’s episode of Sembaruthi.

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Nandhini asks her goons to kidnap Purushothaman from the hospital to keep him in his captivity for 24 hours. The goons visit the hospital in disguise of doctors and kidnap Purushothaman when Adithya attends a phone call. As soon as Adithya turns back, he senses something fishy. A hospital staff, who walks past him tells him about a few doctors taking a patient on a wheel chair. Adithya realises his father has been abducted.

Incidentally, Akhilandeshwari, who wakes up from sleep, feels restless. She calls Adithya to know if everything is alright. Adithya remains tight-lipped about Purushothaman’s kidnapping and asks her not to worry. After convincing his mother, Adithya asks Shyam to visit the hospital with Arun.

Adithya tells Shyam and Arun about Purushothaman’s kidnapping and reveals the person behind it. Shyam feels they must file a police complaint but Adithya says there’s no need for it. He tells them about the tracking device on his father’s wrist watch. Thus Adithya rescues Purushothaman from Nandhini’s captivity and takes him back to the hospital before Akhilandeshwari arrives.

Next morning, Purushothaman requests the doctor to discharge him, and tells him why it is important for him to get back home on his birthday. And when he returns home, he makes Vanaja, Mithra and Uma feel the jitters. Will he unveil Mithra’s real identity?

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