Sembaruthi 1 August 2019 Written Update: Adithya Low After Parvathy Refuses To Meet Him

August 1, 2019


2 min

Adithya, who successfully seals a Rs 5000 crore project in Mumbai, credits Parvathy for his achievement. He tells her on the phone that her best wishes and love have helped him strike the deal. He asks Parvathy to visit the temple that she frequents on the next morning because he wants her to be the first one he meets in Chennai. After hanging up, when Parvathy turns around, she sees her father starring at her. To know what happened in Sembaruthi hereafter, read on.

Sundaram fumes with anger, and he slams Parvathy for disobeying him. He warns her of dire consequences if she continues to talk to Adithya. Parvathy, who has already decided to cut all ties with Adithya, breaks down.

Meanwhile, Adithya calls on the landline to convey a message to his parents. Vanaja receives the call and gets shocked after knowing that Adithya has successfully sealed the Rs 5000 crore deal. She makes the most of this opportunity to apologise to Akhilandeshwari for her mistakes, and in the end, gets excused. Thus, Vanaja returns to her ‘rich woman like avatar’ after being pardoned by Akhilandeshwari.

Next morning everyone awaits Adithya at the Adhikadavur residence to congratulate him for his achievement, but he visits the temple to meet Parvathy. However, after not finding her at the temple, he gets depressed. He calls her, but she avoids attending it. So he asks Arun to hand over his cellphone to Parvathy, but again she refuses to speak to him. Finally, when Adithya returns home, everyone greets him, but he longs to see Parvathy. Will Adithya know why Parvathy is avoiding him? How will he handle the heartbreak? For more entertainment, watch Nachiyarpuram, on ZEE5.

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