Sembaruthi 03 December Written Update: Adithya Drums Up New Evidence Against Mithra?

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December 4, 2019


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In the previous episode, we saw that Parvathy discovered the missing pen drive in Akhila’s room and hands it over to Adithya, who takes it to an expert to retrieve data.

The current episode opens with Vanaja and her brother Vadivu looking at pictures of girls for Vadivu to marry. Vadivu tells Vanaja that, as a sister, Vanaja has to take all the responsibilities for Vadivu during his marriage. He also asks her to choose the right girl for him and go with him to see the girl that she selects for him.

Adi and Parvathi are in a garden. Adi asks Parvathi to play a game with him to see who loves the other more. Parvathi refuses and says that a game cannot measure love. She also says that some aspects of love cannot be seen or heard and definitely cannot be described using words. However, Adi convinces her that it is only a game and that the two of them should play it anyway.

The game requires both of them to stare into each other’s eyes without blinking. Whoever blinks first will be the loser and accept that the other loves them more. Parvathi challenges Adi and assures him that she will win. Just as they begin to play, Parvathi’s brother intervenes and asks them what they’re doing. They explain the game to him.

Meanwhile, Vadivu tells Vanaja that he has discovered some news. On asking, he tells her that he’s 100% sure that Adi and Parvathi are in love. Vanaja realises that everyone is coming to know about the two love birds and tells Vadivu to help him in stopping the two from coming together. Vadivu thinks to himself that Vanaja is always the first to try to destroy families.

The episode ends with Adithya walking into the house with a document that he gives to Akhila. Mithra looks at the scene with apprehension. Akhila looks at the document and glares angrily at Mithra for a long time.

If you are new to the series Sembaruthi, here´s what you need to know. Aditya, the scion of a rich family ends up secretly marrying Parvati, the household cook, in order to bail her out of a troublesome situation. However, they hesitate to tell this to Aditya´s mother Akhilandeshwari, who has very strong notions of wealth, status and honour. In order to soften her view of Parvathi, Aditya urges Parvathy to stand for elections in their company as a goodwill ambassador hoping that his mother would view his wife as a person who is more than just a domestic servant. Despite being pitted against Akhila´s nominee, Mithra, the election results come out in favour of Parvathi, which is not to the matriarch´s liking.

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