Sathya’s Divya Aka Koli Ramya’s Belly Dancing Pics Will Make Your Jaw Drop

September 22, 2019


3 min

Koli Ramya is a not only a fine actress but a dancer too and her belly dance pics are proof. The pretty actress, who essays the role of Divya in super-hit daily soap Sathya, took to her Instagram page to share images from her belly dance class. Divya looks smoking hot in a black T-shirt teamed up with a bright yellow flowing skirt. And the customary belly dancing accessory (a belt with shimmering coins) adds glitter to her look.

Going by the post, it is apparent that Ramya loves to dance.

Check out the post below:

Belly dance is a traditional Middle-East performing art form which has its origin in Egypt. It is now popular across the globe as a mainstream dance form. This specific art form primarily focuses on the hip-movements with coordinated moves of the torso with minimal movement of the feet. To a viewer, it may look easy but it takes years of practice to gain expertise. Traditionally, dancers where long skirts with slits that rise to the upper part of the thigh on both the legs. They team it up with a sensuous sleeveless top that exposes their belly and hip area. The belt with shimmering coins or bells form the essential ornament. The movement of the coins as the body moves makes the performance look even more captivating.

For the unversed, Divya is the main antagonist in Sathya. She plays the role of the elder sister of the protagonist. Interestingly, she is someone who hates her younger sibling. She dislikes Sathya so much that she goes to the extent of hoping that she dies. Divya feels that Sathya could pose a threat to happiness and well-being. But is that true? To know how Divya deals with Sathya, keep watching the show and for more entertainment, check out Poove Poochoodava, the unusual love story of a married couple, on ZEE5.

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