Sathya Undergoes Surgery But Slips Into Coma?

August 22, 2019


2 min

Yesterday’s episode of Sathya must have left viewers teary-eyed for two reasons – first because Prabhu accepts Sathya’s proposal and also becuase Sathya beams with joy after seeing her wish getting fulfilled before she undergoes surgery. But there’s something heartbreaking in store for fans of the tomboyish girl, who is the personification of the Good Samaritan we all have heard about.

In today’s episode, Sathya who undergoes surgery may not regain consciousness. Prabhu and Sathya’s group of friends are there in the hospital to be by her side. Divya purposely keeps her mother and grandmother in the dark about Sathya’s fatal accident. She doesn’t want Prabhu to know that Sathya is her sister, so she decides not to let her family know about the mishap.

Moreover, when Prabhu requests Divya to help his friend by donating blood, she bluntly refuses by saying that she is in Mahabalipuram with her mother. Sadly, Prabhu doesn’t know that Divya is in the hospital where Sathya is admitted. Divya had arrived along with her friend only to check the intensity of Sathya’s injury and not to meet her out of concern. On the contrary, she is happy that her sister is injured and even wishes death for her.

For those who joined in late, here’s a flashback to the story. Sathya misinterprets Prabhu’s friendly gesture and assumes that he loves her. Eventually, she falls in love with him and proposes to Prabhu on the eve of her birthday. Prabhu, who doesn’t love her, wonders how to disclose the truth about his engagement. And when he musters the courage to tell her the truth, she meets with an accident. Watch Sathya tonight to know what happens hereafter and for more entertainment, check out Oru Oorla Oru Rajakumari on ZEE5.

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