Sathya Special Wedding Episode Part 2: Prabhu Suspects His Marriage To Sathya Is A Plot

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December 3, 2019


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In the previous episode, we saw that Divya is kidnapped by Bala on the eve of the wedding and a letter left instead stating that she has run away. The letter is discovered the next day when Prabhu is sitting at the mandapam. Guruji declares that his reading of the jadhagam is not wrong. Then Divya’s grandmother confesses that the jadhagam they gave belonged to her younger sister. Everyone is shocked to know that Divya has a younger sister and a bigger shock is that she is Sathya! The elders compel Sathya and Prabhu to get married instead. Prabhu initially resists, saying that he does not see Sathya that way. But he caves in when his dad gets emotional. Sathya and Prabhu tie the knot.

The current episode opens with Sathya’s friends cheering as Prabhu and Ayesha tie the knot. Later, Prabhu’s father asks him to get blessings from his new mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law. However, Anita proclaims loudly that her brother should not demean himself by falling at the feet of a family which hides the existence of a second daughter. She walks away as does Anita’s mother as well. Despite this uncomfortable beginning, Prabhu and Sathya take blessings from her mother and grandmother. Later, Sathya’s mother apologises to her for the way she treated her and denied her existence in the past. She then asks Sathya to promise that she will forget the existence of her sister and never bother about her again. Sathya is aghast to hear this and demurs. But her mother and grandmother insist and she reluctantly promises.

When it’s time for Sathya to leave with Prabhu for Shantimuhurtham, Sathya’s friends burst crackers near the car and dance and make merry while Prabhu and Kullabootham watch. The latter wonders that the same guys looked depressed and dull in the morning and now they have changed into colourful clothes and are dancing. A sudden suspicion enters Prabhu’s mind that perhaps Divya’s disappearance was a plot hatched by Sathya’s friends to get her married somehow to Prabhu.

If you have just started watching the series, here’s what you need to know. Sathya is a tomboyish character who has been in love with Prabhu for a very long time. However, she didn’t know that Prabhu was engaged to her own sister Divya. Neither did Prabhu know that she was related to Divya. He saw Sathya as nothing more than his best buddy and struggled for a long time to tell her that he only sees her as a friend. Finally Sathya finds out the truth and resolves to ensure that her buddy marries the girl of his dreams, i.e., Divya.

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