Sathya Lockdown Special Episode 12 Written Update: Indhumati’s Call Shocks Prabhu

An elated Indhumati makes a video call to Prabhu and confirms about Sathya’s pregnancy. Read the full update.


July 22, 2020


3 min


In the previous episode of Sathya Lockdown Special, Prabhu rings up Sasi and scolds him for suggesting a foolish idea. Sasi gets delighted as Prabhu informs him about Sathya’s conversation. Prabhu decides to find out the truth about Sathya’s discomfort. He calls the doctor and requests her to examine Sathya.

He asks her to check if Sathya is really pregnant or it’s just a food poison issue. Later, Prabhu calls his mother to check if the doctor visited them. As Indhumati acts in a different mood, Prabhu assumes that the pregnancy news was a false alarm. But Prabhu gets shocked when his mother reveals to him that Sathya is pregnant with twins.

Watch the episode of Sathya Lockdown Special here:

In the new episode, Prabhu is left startled when an elated Indhumati informs him on a video call about Sathya’s pregnancy. She tells Prabhu that the doctor has confirmed that Sathya is pregnant with twins. Prabhu gets irritated as Indhumati keeps talking about the twins. Later, a dismayed Prabhu ponders over all the recent incidents. Just then, Sasi calls Prabhu to congratulate him but the latter vents his frustration out on him.

Later, Prabhu calls the doctor to ask if she examined Sathya correctly. The doctor confirms the same and asks him to come down to Chennai as his pregnant wife would need him. Later, the doctor calls Sathya and informs her that she lied to Prabhu as per her instructions. After some time, Prabhu calls Sathya to ask how has she conceived when nothing happened between them. Sathya again lies to him about it and manages to confuse Prabhu.

If you are new to the series, here’s what you must know about Sathya. The story revolves around a tomboy named Sathya. She runs the garage inherited from her deceased father and is hopelessly in love with Prabhu. However, for him, she is only a friend. In fact, he was engaged to marry her sister, Divya. Things take a tumultuous turn when Divya’s ex-boyfriend abducts her and plants a note, stating that she has run off on her own. To save the family’s reputation and pacify his father, Prabhu has no choice but to marry Sathya instead.

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