Sathya Lockdown Special Episode 11 Written Update: Prabhu Tries To Find Out The Truth

Prabhu calls their family doctor and requests her to examine Sathya. Read the full update.


July 21, 2020


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In the previous episode of Sathya Lockdown Special, Prabhu scolds Sasi and further informs him about the success of the plan. When Sathya calls Prabhu, the latter pretends to be innocent and enquires about Sathya’s health. Later, Prabhu gets shocked when Sathya reveals a piece of good news to him.

Sathya tells Prabhu that she is pregnant. Prabhu gets confused about Sathya’s pregnancy as they never consummated their marriage. So, when Prabhu asks Sathya how did this happen, she skips the question and pretends like she was craving to eat raw mangoes. Prabhu panics as he is unable to remember anything that could have led to the Sathya’s pregnancy.

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In the new episode, Prabhu asks Sathya about how she got pregnant but the latter avoids the topic and tells him that she needs to call Indhumati to give the good news and hangs up. Later, Prabhu rings up Sasi and scolds him for suggesting a foolish idea. Sasi gets delighted as Prabhu informs him about his conversation with Sathya. Confused Prabhu decides to find out the truth about Sathya’s discomfort.

Prabhu calls their family doctor and requests her to examine Sathya. He asks her to check if Sathya is really pregnant or it’s just a food poison issue. Later, Prabhu calls his mother to check if the doctor visited them. As Indhumati seems a bit off, Prabhu assumes that the pregnancy news was a false alarm. But Prabhu gets shocked when his mother reveals to him that Sathya is pregnant with twins.

If you are new to the series, here’s what you must know about Sathya. The story revolves around a tomboy named Sathya. She runs the garage inherited from her deceased father and is hopelessly in love with Prabhu. However, for him, she is only a friend. In fact, he was engaged to marry her sister, Divya. Things take a tumultuous turn when Divya’s ex-boyfriend abducts her and plants a note, stating that she has run off on her own. To save the family’s reputation and pacify his father, Prabhu has no choice but to marry Sathya instead.

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