Sathya Enna Penkutty 04 March 2020 Maha Episode: Sathya’s Locked Up When Sudhi-Divya Visit

In the Mahaepisode of Sathya Enna Penkutty, Thirumeni gifts Sudhi with a Rudraksha to protect him from danger.

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March 6, 2020


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In the maha episode of Sathya Enna Penkutty, Sudhi brings Divya to his house. Chandradas is happy to see the duo and welcomes them inside.  Meanwhile, Sathya is locked inside the storeroom of the house by Sujitha and Pooja. Sathya cries for help as she is unable to find a way out but Sujitha makes sure that no one from the family attends to her.

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Chandradas tells Sudhi that Thirumeni is waiting for him and asks him to seek his blessings with Divya. To their surprise, Thriumeni comes outside to meet the couple. He blesses Sudhi but is reluctant to bless Divya as she touches his feet. Thirumeni suspects something inauspicious about Divya and asks Chandradas to come with him to discuss the same.

Thirumeni gifts Sudhi with a Rudraksha (1)
Thirumeni gifts Sudhi with a Rudraksha

Thirumeni asks Sudhi to come with him before he meets Chandradas and gifts him with a Rudraksha. He tells him how the Rudraksha will protect him from danger and asks him to keep it with him at all times. He asks him to accompany Divya outside and tells Chandradas about how only matching things should be kept together, symbolising his dislike for the couple.

Meanwhile, Pooja is disheartened by Divya’s arrival and tells Sujitha that the family is being unfair to her. They both discuss a plan to sabotage Sudhi’s marriage with Divya. Sujitha tells her that Sudhi is showing Divya around the house and their plans will fail if they were to find out Sathya locked inside the storeroom. The duo decides to free Sathya before Sudhi and Divya go to the kitchen.

Sujitha and Pooja discuss a plan to sabotage Sudhi's marriage (1)
Sujitha and Pooja discuss a plan to sabotage Sudhi’s marriage

Sujitha is shocked when Divya asks Sudhi about the locked storeroom. Sudhi tries to open it but gives up on his efforts as he finds it locked. When the couple goes to see the bedroom, Pooja is quick to open the door of the storeroom to free Sathya.

Pooja frees Sathya
Pooja frees Sathya

Sathya asks Pooja in rage why did she lock her inside. The latter lies to her and tells her how she was only trying to help. Angered by Pooja’s behaviour, Sathya runs upstairs to meet Sudhi. Meanwhile, Sudhi patiently waits for Divya to show her his bedroom. What will be Sathya’s reaction when she sees Sudhi and Divya together? Stay tuned to find out!

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