Sathya And Prabhu’s Wedding Sequence Will Leave You In Splits

July 11, 2019


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This post is bound to make fans of Sathya and Prabhu ROFL. Sathya’s friend imagines Sathya getting married to Prabhu and his picturisation will leave you in splits. And you will have to watch it to believe it. But before there, here a prelude. Sathya is in a temple to help a couple get married secretly without the knowledge of their parents. She makes all the necessary arrangements with the help of her friends.

Watch the latest episode of Sathya here to see how the hilarious dream wedding sequence unfold:

One of Sathya’s friends, who knows about her feelings for Prabhu, sees her getting married to him in his imagination. Sathya dressed in a checked-shirt and a pair of denims while Amul Baby looks cute in all-white traditional wedding attire. It is hilarious when we see Sathya tying the Mangalsutra around Prabhu’s neck and performing the rituals that a groom usually performs.

Sathya’s friends rejoice the sight while Shashi, Prabhu’s best friend shed tears after seeing him sitting like a bride. For the unversed, Sathya, the protagonist of the show, is a tomboyish character. She is street-smart, flamboyant, brave, bold yet extremely sensitive. She is showered with blessings by the needy for being magnanimous. Her heart of gold attracts a millionnaire like Prabhu towards her, who gets a different perceptive of life after coming in contact with her.

Sathya loses her heart to Prabhu, who is all set to get engaged to her elder sister Divya, a money-minded lady, who is two-timing her boyfriend, Bala. Keep following Sathya to know what happens hereafter. And for more entertainment, watch Piriyatha Varam Vendum on ZEE5.

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