Sathya: 5 times When Prabhu Broke Sathya’s Heart And We Didn’t Like It


July 16, 2020


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Sathya, which airs on Zee Tamil, is one of the most-watched and loved shows on TV. Sathya (Ayesha) and Prabhu (Vishnu) have created a niche for themselves in the heart of every viewer. The makers of Sathya too leave no stone unturned to impress the audience with a gripping storyline. Talking about the plot, ever since the couple’s wedding, we have seen Sathya, who is head over heels in love with Prabhu, has been patiently waiting for him to like her the same way as she does. And Prabhu has only been asking for more time to move on from Divya. Who else thinks that it is very unfair on his part?

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If you do, then we are on the same page. While we agree on this, let’s take a look at five times When Prabhu broke Sathya’s heart and we didn’t like it.

Take a look!

When Prabhu accuses an innocent Sathya of slapping Veerasingham and forces her to apologise to Veerasingham. While she does apologise to him for Prabhu’s sake but later she argues with Prabhu and proves her innocence. Sathya feels bad about the fact that Prabhu could even think that she is capable of doing something like that.


While Sathya sits all night to create a handmade gift for Prabhu on Valentine’s Day, he misunderstands her and lashes out at her without even trying to know the truth. His disrespectful words hurt Sathya so much that she, for once, thinks of attempting suicide. However, she doesn’t.


Sathya cries as she leaves Prabhu’s house. Prabhu, who hates the idea of Sathya leaving the house, does not even stop her from doing so. His ego does not allow him to apologise to her for his mistake and convince her to stay back.


The fact that Prabhu still hasn’t moved on from Divya irks Sathya. Despite loving and caring for him, Prabhu still needs more time to find closures from Divya. Sathya shares the same with her friends when they ask her to go back to Prabhu’s house.


When Prabhu fails to understand what really is bothering Sathya. Prabhu thinks his words have hurt her while he fails to realise that Sathya is actually tired of hoping that one day he’ll accept her as his wife.


Do you also think, Sathya did the right thing by leaving Prabhu’s house? Tell us in the comment section below. Stay tuned to this space for more updates on your favourite TV shows and actors.

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