Sathya 4 November 2019 Preview: Sathya Finally Finds Out The Truth About Prabhu’s Feelings

November 4, 2019


2 min

In the previous episode, Kuluboodam (Prabhu’s friend) decides to tell Sathya that Prabhu does not love her since Prabhu is not able to. He is clearly tired of all the scams they come up with to tell Sathya the truth. Kathir starts beating him up when he tells Sathya that he’ll reveal the truth. Sathya tries to stop him but Kathir keeps hitting him. None of Sathya’s friends want her to find out the truth, especially after they found the bottle of poison at the garage that she confessed was hers.

Watch the previous episode of Sathya here.

In the upcoming episode, Sathya finally stops Kathir from beating Kuluboodam up. She even scolds him for not listening to her. She then asks Kuluboodam what he was about to tell her. He confesses to her that Prabhu does not love her and never did. Sathya is shocked to hear this. Is this a dream or reality? Will Sathya end her life on finding out about this since she did think about it once? Or will she start hating Prabhu? To find out, watch Sathya that will air on Zee5 tonight.

For the ones who missed the last couple of episodes, Sathya falls in love with Prabhu who thinks of her as a best friend only. But he is unable to tell her that he does not feel about her the same way and leads her on. He is also engaged to her sister, Divya.

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