Sathya 22 October 2019 Preview: Sathya Tells Prabhu That She Loves Him A Lot

October 22, 2019


2 min

In the previous episode, Sathya runs into Prabhu at the Guruji’s house and joins him for a drive later on. She even asks him why he visited the Guruji in the first place and if he does that very often. Prabhu tells her that he visits Guruji sometimes if his family members send him for some work or if he is feeling very low. Sathya asks him about the reason for his visit today and he wonders what to tell her since he had actually gone there to show his wedding invitation card to Guruji.

Watch the previous episode here, in case you missed it.

In the upcoming episode, Sathya tells Prabhu that she loves him a lot and she wishes to spend the rest of her life with him. She also promises to change herself so she can live happily with him. Will Prabhu be able to tell her the truth about his engagement? Will this cause a rift in their relationship? To know more, watch Sathya when it goes on air on Zee5 in the evening today.

For the unversed, Sathya is in love with Prabhu, who is engaged to her sister, Divya. While Prabhu thinks of Sathya as his best friend, she is unaware of his true feelings. Not to mention, Sathya does not know that Prabhu is the guy that her sister is engaged to. For more such entertainment, watch Poove Poochoodava streaming on ZEE5.

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