Sathya 16 December Preview: Sathya Accuses Prabhu Of Deliberately Falling On Her


December 16, 2019


3 min

In the previous episode of Sathya, Prabhu’s father expresses his happiness about Prabhu introducing his wife to the office staff. Later, Kullaboodham comes home and tells Anita and her husband what happened in the office just a couple of hours earlier and tells them that Prabhu is unhappy about his marriage. He tells Prabhu that he need no longer worry about his family members questioning him about the state of his marriage. He then adds that he himself told Anita and her husband the truth and now they will tell everybody. Prabhu slaps him and calls him an idiot for messing things up further. Later that night, Kullaboodham turns up at Prabhu’s house for document signatures. The family scolds him for his inappropriate appearances and does not allow him to disturb Prabhu. So Kullaboodham camps out all night on the sofa outside Prabhu’s bedroom. Meanwhile, Prabhu shuts his eyes in the bedroom while Sathya changes her clothes. Sathya dons her night clothes quickly and pretends she is still changing and sneaks up to Prabhu. Just then Prabhu opens his eyes to see a cockroach on his shoulder and jumps. Both Prabhu and Sathya end up on the floor with Sathya on top and the two of them staring at each other.

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In tonight’s episode, Sathya tells Prabhu she forgives him for deliberately falling on top of her. When Prabhu denies and tells her that he will find the cockroach and show it to her, she laughs it off and expresses disbelief. Annoyed, Prabhu swears to find it and goes hunting for the cockroach. He finds it sitting on a blanket that is actually covering Kullaboodham who is sleeping outside his room on a sofa. Prabhu takes a wooden club and hits the cockroach hard. A loud wail is heard from underneath the blanket while Prabhu’s brother looks at the scene in amazement.

If you are new to the series, here’s what you should know. Sathya, a tomboyish character who runs her father’s garage was in love with Prabhu for a long time. However Prabhu always saw her as a friend only and was engaged to her sister Divya, which was unknown to Sathya at that time. Later, the night before Prabhu and Divya’s wedding, the latter gets kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend who leaves a fake letter in Divya’s name stating that she has run away. Prabhu then, pressurised by his dad’s sentiments, very reluctantly marries Sathya, whom he still sees only as a buddy.

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