Sathya 11 December Preview: Prabhu Humiliates His Best Friend And Wife, Sathya

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December 11, 2019


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In the previous episode, we saw that due to Anitha’s efforts at sabotaging, Sathya’s sakkarai pongal doesn’t boil over. When the rest of the family attributes it to her lack of belief in God, the old man comes to the rescue suggesting that they wait to see whose sakkarai pongal the Goddess Amman accepts. Sathya prays to her father to help her and a parrot flies down just then and starts eating the sakkarai pongal made by Sathya. Everybody lauds Sathya, but later, the old man tells her in private that things will get more difficult from now on and she needs to employ tact and wit to come out of it. Later at home, the family devises another test for Sathya at Anitha’s instigation. She and Prabhu are made to drop a rose petal each in a bowl of churning milk. If the petals get together, then the couple is meant to be together. Prabhu deliberately drops the petal in such a way that the petals move away from each other. Sathya prays to her father again and the petals suddenly fuse together.

In tonight’s episode, Prabhu looks very angry at Sathya for something she did. He shouts at her in front of everybody accusing her of embarassing him in front of his professor. Then he makes a derogatory comment at Sathya to the effect that no matter how well you groom a dog, it will still end up eating off the floor like a dog only. This humiliating comment, made in front of everybody in the house reduces Sathya to tears. Why is Prabhu so angry at Sathya? Is this the beginning of the trouble that the old man was hinting at?

If you are new to the series, here’s what you should know. Sathya, a tomboyish character who runs her father’s garage was in love with Prabhu for a long time. However Prabhu always saw her as a friend only and was engaged to her sister Divya, which was unknown to Sathya at that time. Later, the night before Prabhu and Divya’s wedding, the latter gets kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend who leaves a fake letter in Divya’s name stating that she has run away. Prabhu then, pressurised by his dad’s sentiments, very reluctantly marries Sathya, whom he still sees only as a buddy.

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