Quiz: 5 Relatable Traits If You Are As Short-Tempered As ‘Rowdy Baby Amulya’ Of Gattimela

Parinika Uchil

August 14, 2019

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1. When Anyone Tells Her She Can't Or Shouldn't

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Her constant chatter, her adorable slangs like ‘Appa Bajarangi’ or ‘Shunti Shankra’, everything about Gattimela’s Amulya Manjunath screams entertainment and rightfully so. On the show, Nisha Ravikrishnan aka Amulya has proved time and again that she is a ‘rowdy’ in nature. What this is means is that she is a no-nonsense kind of lass who scares away people around her by giving out a ‘rowdy’ persona. It’s almost like she is saying ‘Mess with me, I dare you‘.

While I don’t want to mess with Namma Ammu aka ‘rowdy baby’, today we will look at some relatable personality traits that you too might have like her. Starting with the fact that whenever Amulya is asked not to do something or she is told that she can’t do something, the rowdy in her awakens and she does exactly that.

2. It Is Amulya's Way Or The Highway

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Yep! True to every word, Amulya has a knack of getting her way, be it with Vedanth or with her family or even her colleagues. However, when things don’t go her way, she prefers to avoid the topic altogether.

3. The 'Son' Of The House

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As Manjunath had mentioned during Aarthi’s wedding preparations, Amulya is like the son of the house and helps in any way she can. At the moment, she along with Manjunath are the only two earning members of a family of six. Relatable?

4. All Her Sisters Are Scared Of Amulya

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If you have a temper it’s the best way to keep your sisters in check. While Adithi and Anju try to fight with Amulya, they have rarely won a fight, ever! Also, Ammu takes her age as the advantage to bully her younger sisters.

5. Temper At The Tip Of Her Nose

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Anger is like a lion waiting to pounce from within Amulya. These sudden outbursts of hers are generally visible whenever she is around Vedanth. It’s like they both just cannot control their anger when they are in physical proximity of each other.

Which of these traits were relatable to you? Send us your answers in the space given below.

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