Saif Ali Khan Is The New Shyam On Sembaruthi

While we will miss the actor Shyam and his comic timing, we also hope that Saif Ali Khan is able to bring out the best of the character.

May 21, 2019


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We all know of Shyam from the series Sembaruthi that streams on ZEE5. He is that true friend of Adithya who has stayed with him through his thick and thin and has always been there for him when Adithya needed him. So, yesterday, when finally we saw the actor Shyam being replaced by actor Saif Ali Khan to play the character of Shyam in the series Sembaruthi, it was an emotional moment for most of the Shyam fans.

Watch the friendship between Shyam and Adithya in the series Sembaruthi.

Actor Shyam has exited the show, as a result, of his plans to move on to other projects. Actor Saif Ali Khan who has replaced him is a famous actor who has already proved his talent with his appearances in the serials that air on different Tamil channels. But his transition into Shyam and the acceptance from the side of the audience, for this transition, is yet to be gauged.

Shyam and Saif Ali Khan
A still from Sembaruthi

We have seen that since the past few episodes of Sembaruthi, the character Shyam has been infatuated with Sindhu (VJ Lekha), the secretary of Akhilandeshwari. And has been trying his best to impress her and let her know about his feelings for her. These instances have given the viewers a good opportunity to take a break from Sembaruthi’s main plot and enjoy the subtle humour of Shyam’s failed attempts.

Now, besides bringing in that fun quotient into the series, Shyam also plays a crucial role in giving shape to events in the main plot. As we see him most of the time helping out Adithya to execute his plans when it comes to his relationship with Parvathy. We also see him giving opinions and ideas to Adithya when he finds himself in a fix.

So, while we will miss Shyam and his comic timing, we also hope that Saif Ali Khan is able to bring out the best of the character.

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