Saajana’s Pratap And Phulpakhru’s Sameer Reveal The Importance Of A Father In Their Life!

Manjiri Shete

June 16, 2019


4 min

It is rightly said, “Not all the superheroes wear capes.” Some of them are disguised as ordinary people who are working towards the best of their children. Your father is necessarily the person who births you, it is rather someone who becomes your support system. You may not always like your father’s strictness, but, he will save you throughout his life. Today, on the occasion of Father’s Day, Ashish Joshi and Abhijeet Shwetchandra take an opportunity to pay a tribute to their father.

Before you proceed, watch Abhijeet Shwetchandra in Saajana below:

Abhijeet, who essays Pratap’s character in Saajana, took this occasion to thank his father. He said, “My father is talkative, a happy-go-lucky person. Being social, he can get connected to people easily. He never talks to me about life, rather he lets me experience it my own way. I can still feel his silent support whenever I require it. He is not someone who praises me, but I have seen him in happy tears the times I have achieved anything important in my life. He used to accompany me for every events or project I ever participated in”

Further, the actor didn’t hold back in sharing the fondest memory that he has made with his dad. He said, “I clearly remember, when I won state-level cycling competition the third time and scored a hattrick, my dad was whistling dancing non-stop like a kid. This moment is etched in my memory forever.”

Meanwhile, you have seen and loved our favourite goofball of Phulpakhru, Sameer. It is actor Ashish Joshi who makes this character so colourful. When we asked Ashish the value of his father in his life, he said, “My Father is more like a friend to me! So Father’s day actually feels like a day to celebrate my friendship with my dad. If I were asked to name of just one person, who I look up to, who I idolise, or who I wish to be like, then that would have to be my Dad. He has always been the encouraging person in my life, which is something that was significant when I decided to switch from an IT career to the acting field. But along with encouragement, he also had words of caution whenever needed.”

Further, on speaking about his most cherished memory with his dad, Ashish said, “I used to visit dad’s office on weekends when I was a kid. I had seen how friendly he is with his colleagues, rather how he was friends with everyone around him. I guess, the feelings I have about friendship or the fact that I value friendship so much is because of that.”

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