Saajana: Will Raosaheb Finally Know The Truth About Pratap?

Hari anonymously called Raosaheb to inform him that Pratap is roaming with Rama. Hearing this agitates Raosaheb who thinks it is a disgrace.

Manjiri Shete

October 31, 2019


2 min


Ever since Rama and Pratap resolved their differences in Saajana, they have been inseparable. They want to spend every second with each other and when they are away they can’t stop talking over the phone. After all, you know what they say, Love is love, right? It makes people blind! Rama and Pratap maybe be blinded but the people around them are not; especially, Raosaheb and his enemies. Recently, Raosaheb got a call from Hari informing him that Pratap is with Rama. Do you think he will question Pratap about the truth?

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Right since Rama and Pratap started dating, Raosaheb was a hurdle standing in their way. At some point, Pratap’s mother, Aaisaheb, learned to accept Rama as her future daughter-in-law, however, the same thing can’t be assumed with Raosaheb. The situation became complicated after Raosaheb fired Hari. The latter has been hell-bent on blackmailing Rama and Pratap while revealing their truth to Raosaheb. So, after hearing this from Hari’s mouth, Raosaheb freaked out and started questioning Aaisaheb about their son’s personal life. We hope Raosaheb listens to Pratap’s side and tries to empathise with his son before reprimanding him. Pratap, who has always been obedient, needs to be given freedom when it comes to picking a bride of his choice.

Raosaheb considers Rama as someone inferior to their family. Being a politician, he feels Pratap marrying Rama will bring disgrace to their family, since she is a househelp at their house. After reading this, what would you do had you been in Pratap’s place? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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