Saajana: Will Rama Stand Up For Herself Against Raosaheb?

Since Rama is going to be a part of the Jadhav family, Raosaheb is restricting her from living her life the way she wants to.

Manjiri Shete

December 20, 2019


2 min


Good times are finally here for Rama and Pratap in Saajana. The couple has overcome many hurdles, by standing by each other’s side and fighting societal taboo. They even managed to convince Raosaheb, who was against his son marrying Rama, because she belongs to a lower financial background. Though all seems to be going well, a recent incident that occurred between Raosaheb and Rama, is bothering us. In the recent episode, he told her that he’s going to call the shots on her life, once she gets married to Pratap. We were displeased seeing Raosaheb’s dominating attitude. Were you as well?

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

Being a shrewd politician, Raosaheb has always gotten what he wanted, without ever bothering to seek others’ opinions. His family has never questioned his decisions, as they have been influenced by his thinking. However, Raosaheb’s controlling nature didn’t work, when he tried to break Pratap and Rama’s relationship. The young couple emerged stronger together and he had no choice but to accept them. Presently, he has agreed to make Rama the daughter-in-law of his family. But, his approval comes with terms and conditions, which Rama will be forced to follow. Raosaheb instructed her to mingle with the right people, since her name is going to be associated with the Jadhav family. He wants her to be less empathetic towards women from the lower caste, and keep her distance from them.

Rama was shocked to know the way Raosaheb thinks. She obviously didn’t like him interfering in her social work, since she enjoys doing it. We hope Rama speaks up for herself before Raosaheb begins controlling her life.

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