Saajana: Will Rama And Mami Ever Be Able To Change Suman’s Behaviour?

In Saajana, Suman can’t stop taunting her parents and Rama while asking them for money. Let us know if you have ideas to help them out.

Manjiri Shete

June 7, 2019


2 min


Is the romantic inside you craving for a dramatic love story? Then, before you waste another second, tune into Saajana which shows Rama and Pratap’s oh-so-beautiful story of love. But, that’s not only the best part of it. To accompany this, we have Suman’s childishness which is making Rama’s life dramatic. Recently, Suman attempted to run away on the day of her marriage, but Rama stopped her. Now, after getting married, she is being more difficult. How do you think should they tackle her?

Watch Saajana below:

In Saajana, we saw Suman dreams of becoming an actress after going to Mumbai. This dream was shattered after she was stopped by Pratap and brought back home safely. However, the situation worsened as Suman started throwing tantrums and being mean towards her parents and Rama. Even after getting her married to a gentleman, Mama and Mami can’t get rid of her because she keeps blackmailing them. Already they are going through a financial crisis which is aggravated by Suman’s needs for wanting better clothes from her parents.

scene from Saajana
Source: ZEE5

Rama, along with Mami and Mama, is tired of Suman who is always taunting her for staying in the house. What do you think will happen to Rama’s future with Suman behaving this way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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