Saajana: Will Hari Get Away With The Robbery?

In Saajana, Hari yet again robbed Rama’s purse which had cash given by Aaisaheb.

Manjiri Shete

September 19, 2019


2 min


If you were to ask us about one of the most disliked characters from our perspective, then, our mind would immediately conjure Hari’s image. Hari is a househelp in Pratap’s house in Saajana. Right since the beginning, we have seen him be despicable towards Pratap and his family. Due to his greed, Hari didn’t think twice before stealing Rama’s money earlier. Even after being warned post this incident, not much has changed. In the preview, we saw Hari stealing Rama’s purse yet again. Do you think he will get away with stealing this time?

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The last time Hari was caught thieving, Raosaheb had warned him. All of us know it is better to not ignore Raosaheb’s warnings as the consequences could be dangerous. But, Hari still crossed the line and yet again took Rama’s purse which had a huge amount of cash given to her by Aaisaheb for safekeeping. Because of losing the money, we don’t want Aaisaheb to reprimand an innocent Rama who doesn’t know Hari is the culprit. Rama shouldn’t have to take the blame and Aaisaheb’s trust shouldn’t be broken because of Hari’s act. Apart from robbing, Hari is also a spy for Abasaheb. He gives all the news from Pratap’s house to Raosaheb’s arch-rival. This is all the more reason why we want Hari to be caught.

The last time, when Hari had robbed the blame of the robbery came on Rama. This had cost her the job at Pratap’s house. We don’t want history to be repeated yet again. After reading this, do you want to see Hari get caught? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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