Saajana: What Will Be The Future Of Rama And Pratap’s Relationship?

In Saajana, Rama has decided to get married to someone else. In this scenario, Rama and Pratap’s relationship seems bleak.

Manjiri Shete

October 18, 2019


2 min


Looks like the honeymoon period in Rama and Pratap’s relationship in Saajana is over. After Sarla decided to get her niece, Rama, married to a man of the family’s choice, the latter had to call it quits with Pratap. Initially, Pratap was angry at Rama for behaving this way, soon after his anger faded and he tried to convince her to get back to him. In the latest episode, Rama told Pratap that she gave her permission to Sarla to go ahead with this marriage. Pratap was completely left shaken while Rama walked out there. After witnessing this complicated situation, we wonder if they can still have a future together?

Watch an episode of Saajana below: 

When Rama and Pratap started dating, we knew hurdles would come their way. But, seeing their love for each other, never did we think that either will give on the other. So, needless to say, Rama and Pratap’s break up shocked us. Although we empathise with Rama’s situation, she should have spoken to Sarla. Even Aaisaheb had suggested Rama keep Sarla informed about her and Pratap’s relationship. However, Rama’s docile nature made her give up on Pratap without even trying. On the other hand, Rama, who doesn’t love the man of Sarla’s choice, would be compromising with his and her life, if in case they get married.

Before the situation worsens, we would love to see Rama step up and speak up her mind. We know deep down she is still crazily in love with Pratap and they are meant to be. What would you do had you been in Rama’s position? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below,

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