Saajana Weekly Update: Rama Asks For Forgiveness From Raosaheb

In Saajana, Rama leaves Pratap’s job but he gets her back. After returning, she apologises to Raosaheb for leaving the job hastily.

Manjiri Shete

August 5, 2019


2 min


Last week on Saajana, Pratap gets bitten by a snake while having a conversation with the farmers. The people go to Rama’s house for help after which both Rama and Pratap are admitted in the ICU. The doctor tells Raosaheb that the snake that bit Pratap has been a rare one and medicines are yet to be found. Raosaheb panics and threatens the doctor. Raosaheb’s political archrival, Abasaheb, comes to meet Pratap at the hospital.

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At the hospital, Abasaheb insulates Raosaheb that Rama is in love with Pratap. This makes Raosaheb furious and he asks Abasaheb to know his limits. During this conversation, the doctor tells that Rama has gained consciousness. Pratap, Sarla and Rajkumar go to see Rama. Raosaheb comes and drags Pratap away from there.

Ankush has turned into a new leaf after going for a meditation course. He says the world can be won over by love and not be anger and hatred. After Ankush comes to meet Pratap, Baisaheb wonders if he has really changed or if this is a facade. Pratap thinks Ankush’s new avatar is a pretence. Meanwhile, Manju comes to know Rama is in love with Pratap since she put her life in danger. Rama doesn’t say anything but Manju still understands. As she warns Rama, the latter decides to stay away from Pratap by stop working at his place.

Rama has left the job at Pratap’s house and joined Ankush’s place. But, Pratap convinces her to return to their house. Baisaheb is furious at Rama but Raosaheb overlooks her mistake. Rama, then, asks for forgiveness from Raosaheb.

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