Saajana Weekly Update: Pratap Proposes To Rama

In Saajana, Pratap confesses his feelings for Rama who escapes the situation.

Manjiri Shete

July 29, 2019


2 min


Last week on Saajana, Pratap falls when he goes in the fields to propose to Rama. After coming home, Baisaheb asks him about his condition, but he lies to her. Baisaheb realises her son is hiding something from her but she doesn’t confront him. Meanwhile, Chingi comes first in the state and gets a gold medal. Rajkumar and everyone else is proud of her but Simran is still critical of Chingi. To celebrate this ocassion, Pratap has held a felicitation ceremony which Rama comes late to. Even Raosaheb has come for this ceremony.

Watch the episode below:

Raosaheb, along with Chingi’s teacher, felicitates her. During this, Pratap announces that Chingi will go to Bangalore for further studies and Raosaheb is going to sponsor her fees. After coming home, they come to know that Suman is pregnant. The following day, Pratap breaks the button of his shirt and asks Rama to sew it. She feels awkward in his company but abides by what he has told her. While Rama is stitching the button, Pratap can’t stop staring at her. After he goes to work, he dreams of Rama smiling at him. Pratap can’t stop blushing.

Baisaheb gives the house keys to Rama which Hari steals. Rama comes home sad as Mami tries to calm her down. Meanwhile, Pratap prays for Rama in front of the goddess and gets his answer. At work, Hari tries to bully Rama who is making a medicine for Pratap’s sore throat.

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