Saajana Weekly Update: Pratap Gets Simran Home Safely

Manjiri Shete

May 20, 2019


3 min


Last week on Saajana, Sandy asks Pratap for some money. Sandy then meets Suman as they are planning to go to Mumbai. Suman wants to become an actress and Sandy gives her false promises. Then, Rama teaches Teju to make chapatis. Pratap comes and starts making fun of her and everyone starts smiling. Rajkumar comes home looking for Suman but bumps into Chingi as his sibling is not there. He asks Chingi to take care of some important papers.

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Baisaheb compliments Rama’s culinary skills. She is happy that Rama is honing Teju’s art of cooking. While at home, Chingi catches Suman packing her bags and getting ready to run away. Suman makes up some reason and sends Chingi to the market. Teju learns to make ‘pohe’ from Rama. She tells Rama to wish for something as gurudakshina. But, Rama says she has everything and she’s satisfied with it. But, Teju insists her take something as Rama finally relents and asks her for books. Rajkumar comes home drunk and creates a scene in front of everyone. He is provoked by his friends who tell him that Pratap helped Suman to run away to Mumbai. Rajkumar makes this accusation as all the villagers are gathered.

After realising Rajkumar’s taunts, Pratap tells him Suman almost collided with his bike in the afternoon. He asked her where she was going, as she lied that she was heading to her friend’s wedding. Hearing this, the misunderstanding is cleared and Pratap promises that he will bring Suman back from Mumbai. She is like his sister and he will look after her welfare. Rajkumar is left embarrassed and walks out of there. Finally, Pratap gives an assurance to Suman’s parents for the safety of their daughter.

A scene from Saajana.
A scene from Saajana.

Rama realises Simran has been planning this for a while hence she had asked money from her. Ankush’s men instigate Rajkumar against Pratap. They say Pratap had given money to Sandy who helped Suman run away. The next day, Pratap gets Suman home safely. Rajkumar fights with Suman for running away from home.

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