Saajana: Should Rama Take Hari’s Advice And Ignore Pratap?

All is not well in Rama and Pratap’s paradise due to Hari’s warnings to her!

Manjiri Shete

July 23, 2019


2 min


If there is anything scarier than watching the horror show Ek Ghar Mantarlela, then, it would be witnessing Raosaheb in Saajana. The latter gives us an equal amount of goosebumps whenever he comes onscreen. Recently, a cunning Hari adviced Rama to stay away from Pratap if she didn’t want to face Raosaheb’s wrath. In Hari’s words, Raosaheb, being a shrewd politician, wouldn’t be hesitant in burning Rama alive if he comes to know that she is having an affair with his son, Pratap. These warnings had an immediate effect on Rama as she started ignoring Pratap. In this situation, do you think Rama should be taking Hari’s advice seriously?

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

The love story of Saajana is more complicated than what meets the eye. Even though Rama and Pratap feel for each other, they will have to battle the entire world to work out their relationship. Recently, Hari got to know the subtle romance blossoming between Pratap and Rama. He immediately told this news to Abasaheb, who is Raosaheb’s arch-rival in politics. Due to Hari, there is a chance of Abasaheb whispering this gossip in the political circle and Raosaheb hearing it by accident. If this happens, Rama and Pratap’s romance will die even before it begins. Along with informing Abasaheb, Hari didn’t forget to scare Rama about her difficult future with Pratap. We are unable to decide if Rama should be listening to Hari or just be following her heart?

In the serial, Rama and Pratap have only just started recognising each other more intimately. Although Rama is ignoring Pratap’s advances made towards her, she can’t hide her love for him. Being the suckers for happy endings, we hope they have a bright future together. For that, stay tuned for more Saajana updates coming your way.

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