Saajana: Pratap Apologises To Rama, Watch Video!

In Saajana, after screaming at Rama unnecessarily, Pratap has a lot to say to her. We have the details!

Manjiri Shete

May 9, 2019


2 min


Whenever are we are in a mood to watch some romance-fulled TV serials, we immediately tune into Zee Yuva! Currently, along with the other shows, Saajana has been our favourite. We love the blooming young love of Pratap and Rama. The chemistry between Pooja Birari and Abhijeet Shwetchandra‘s characters is enough for us to rewatch all the episodes. Just when we thought Rama and Pratap’s relationship was over after he shouted at her, we have an exciting new twist that the fans have been waiting for!

Before you proceed, watch Saajana below:

In the recent episode of Saajana, we saw Pratap scream at Rama after she cleaned his room. His reaction at her was because he couldn’t find a book. Pratap thought Rama had misplaced it, however, turns out she had kept it safely in his shelf. Realising our curiosity after this incident, Zee Yuva shared a teaser about how Pratap goes to apologise Rama for being rude to her. Although things are pretty awkward between them both, Pratap says he shouldn’t have shouted at her without any reason. Watch the video below!

Rama and Pratap were introduced after she started working as a house help at his house. While they are getting to know each other, the hurdles in their relationship don’t seem to cease. First and foremost is Ankush’s interference in their bond followed by Rajkumar’s building up pressure. As Raosaheb has returned, due to his dominating nature, it doesn’t possibly seem like he going to give his blessing for Pratap and Rama’s union. But, all said and done, we will have to just wait and watch.

Meanwhile, after watching this, what are your thoughts about Pratap and Pratap’s chemistry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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