Saajana: Is Rama Going To Break Up With Pratap?

Rama has decided to distance herself from Pratap, because of the guilt she feels, over Suman’s death.

Manjiri Shete

December 30, 2019


3 min


We celebrated  Rama and Pratap’s happiness, as their engagement day drew closer in Saajana. However, like every other situation in the couple’s life, this day too, was plagued by misfortune. On the day of their engagement, as Suman was on her way to the venue with Rama’s necklace (a Jadhav family heirloom), she met with an accident and died on the spot. Hearing the news of Suman’s death, Rama and her family were shattered and devastated. Rama felt guilty and took this incident as a sign that she and Pratap shouldn’t be together. She decided to call it quits with him. Do you think she did the right thing?

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

Rama blamed herself for sending Suman to repair the necklace, which the latter broke accidentally. Suman promised her that she will get back the antique piece in time, on Rama’s engagement day. However, before Suman could get it, she was hit by a car and was declared dead on the spot. As Suman’s family is grieving her death, Rama has decided to separate from Pratap. She has told him that they shouldn’t have let their relationship come this far. Pratap has tried changing her perspective but Rama has declared that this incident has opened her eyes, after being blinded by love. We would like to believe that Rama isn’t thinking logically and is letting her emotions get the better of her. We are of the opinion that she might even regret taking this decision, later.

Pratap, who is shaken by Rama’s demeanour, has reminded her of the dire times, when both had each other’s back. We hope Rama listens to him, before losing someone as precious as Pratap from her life permanently. What would you do, had you been in Rama’s shoes? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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