Saajana: Is Abasaheb Purposely Making Pratap’s Life Miserable?

We feel Abasaheb is targetting Pratap since Raosaheb isn’t there to protect him. We wonder how Pratap will fight Abasaheb’s evil attitude!

Manjiri Shete

December 4, 2019


2 min


In Saajana, you can’t have missed the legendary rivalry between Abasaheb and Raosaheb. Both these politicians turned against each other after Raosaheb won the election in their village. Abasaheb, being obviously offended, took it upon himself to never leave an opportunity to take revenge on Raosaheb and his family. Ever since then, Abasaheb has been finding dirt against Raosaheb, which could shame him publicly. After Raosaheb got arrested, his family came on the streets and Pratap had to step up his game. It looks like, the news has reached Abasaheb and he plans to make Pratap’s life difficult!

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

We have seen Abasaheb’s ruthless and conniving ways to get what he wants. When he understood that Raosaheb’s son, Pratap, is in a relationship with their house help, Rama, he subtly delivered this message to Raosaheb. Abasaheb knew that this would break Raosaheb’s family apart. When Raosaheb refused to accept RamaPratap left his house and started earning money by doing odd jobs. Seeing Pratap isolated, Abasaheb went to him to boast his power and illtreat him. After Pratap finished his job for Raosaheb, the latter ended up paying him peanuts. Poor Pratap couldn’t demand more since Abashaeb is in a powerful position.

We hope Pratap finds a stable job before the situation between him and Abasaheb spirals out of control. Unlike his father, Pratap has always been a gentleman and has helped people whenever the need be. Who do you think can come to Pratap’s help when he requires it the most? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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