Saajana: Does Riya Know About Pratap’s Feelings For Rama?

We think Riya might have got a hint about Pratap’s past with Rama after spending time with Pratap.

Manjiri Shete

January 10, 2020


2 min


In Saajana, Pratap decided to move on with Riya quickly after his breakup with Rama. Even though Pratap’s family loved Riya, Pratap hadn’t fully healed from his separation with Rama which was hard-hitting for him. On the other hand, Riya has been slowly falling in love with Pratap who she doesn’t know comes with emotional baggage. Recently, Riya, after spending time with him, discerned that Pratap is hiding something. Riya told Pratap that he was a different person when they visited Rojgar Kendra were Rama works. Do you think she has an idea about Pratap’s past with Rama?

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

Rama and Pratap fought the hurdles which came their way and were almost about to get engaged. Everyone from the village knew about their relationship since Pratap’s belongs to a well-known and affluent family. After they separated, it wouldn’t have taken time for gossip like this to spread around the village. During this time, Pratap was seen with Riya who he showed around areas of the village. We bet Riya could have overheard the people gossip about her love-interest, Pratap. If that isn’t enough, from Pratap’s face it is evident that he is clearly carrying baggage when he talks to Riya. When the couple visited recently visited the Rojgar Kendra, it was obvious that Pratap didn’t want to be there in Rama’s presence. We think Riya must have picked up on these signs and quizzed Pratap subtly.

We hope Pratap tells Riya about his past with Rama in the upcoming episodes. If they both are planning to spend their lives together, it is only fair for Riya to know Pratap’s troubles. Until that happens, we would love to know your opinion on this situation. Tell us in the comments below.

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