Saajana: Are You In Love Like Rama? Find Out With These 5 Signs!

Rama’s world has become a happier place after she fell in love with Pratap. She shows these typical traits of everyone who is in love.

Manjiri Shete

September 3, 2019


3 min


Probably the best days of Saajana have started after Rama and Pratap started dating each other. Their relationship made us happy after seeing them so engrossed in each other. They are the definition of true love and that it exists in this materialistic world. After Rama’s behaviour changed towards everyone around her, we decided to list the things that one experiences when they are in love. Curious? Have a look!

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1. You keep smiling at the mention of their name

Remember in the last week’s episode we saw Sarla catch Rama smiling even in her dreams? She couldn’t stop smiling while going to work. Everyone around her noticed the change in her behaviour.

2. Your surroundings become a better place

Suddenly everything changes in your world. Your priorities change and you want to think from their perspective. You are always in a jovial mood. Like, after starting to date Pratap, Rama was eager to go to Pratap’s place to work. He became her priority as she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

3. You want to be in that person’s company

You want to just keep talking to that person after he/she becomes your whole world. Even a few hours of separation from them will make you miss them badly. This could also be contributed to your brain releasing hormones that make you want to be with that person the entire time. What better example than Rama and Pratap coupling together!

4. You want to try new things

You might suddenly become brave and want to do things that you minded before. We saw Rama take risks just to meet Pratap. Their meeting was seen by Manju and Hari but Rama and Pratap are too much in love with each other to think about the consequences.

5. You keep checking your phone

Falling in love in the 21st century means checking your phone every few seconds to see if that person you like has messaged you. This includes stalking their social media and going through their oldest posts. We all saw Rama keep texting Pratap and wait impatiently for his reply.

What do you think about the above points? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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