Saajana: Abhijeet Shwetchandra Is Exactly Like His Character Pratap, Here’s How!

Hint: The actor has the same hobby both in real and reel life!

Manjiri Shete

December 10, 2019


2 min


Right since the launch of Saajana, this show has become a talk of the town for it’s a rustic yet charming love story.  The lead characters Abhijeet Shwetchandra and Pooja Birari have impressed us with their fantastic character portrayal of Pratap and Rama. Recently, just as we couldn’t stop boasting about Pratap for his good mannerisms, the actor Abhijeet showed us how much he resembles Pratap in real-life! Are you curious, what he did to get our attention?

Watch the latest episode of Saajana below:

In Saajana, Pratap belongs to a wealthy political household. Contrary to that, he has shown a lack of interest in his father’s profession as loves farming and cycling. We have often seen Pratap go on treks and promote farming and planting trees. Just like his character, Abhijeet, in real-life, loves cycling and takes it up as a hobby. Through his Instagram, the actor has promoted this sport multiple times.

Apart from this quality, Abhijeet mentioned in the interview that like him, even Pratap is straightforward. More importantly, he tightly bound to his roots and to Mother Earth. He also stands up for the wrong fundamentals. These are some of the personality traits that help Abhijeet and Pratap meet in the centre and become one for Saajana.

Just like us, fans are loving Abhijeet’s portrayal of Pratap. What are your thoughts after knowing Abhijeet’s real and reel life hobby? Let us know in the comments below.

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