Saajana: Aaisaheb Come To Know About Rama And Pratap’s Relationship?

Manjiri Shete

August 30, 2019


3 min


Blame Bollywood for our obsession with romantic stories. We love watching love stories that make us laugh, cry and jump in enthusiasm. Aren’t they just the best? Falling in the same league as them is our Marathi serial Saajana. In the serial, Rama and Pratap’s love story is like a freshly made crispy dosa that we can’t wait to devour. No matter the complexities between them, they always have each other to fall back on. In the recent promo shared by Zee Yuva, we saw Pratap and Rama sharing an adorable moment which was interrupted by someone. Curious to know what happened? Check below.

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

Understanding our love towards Saajana, Zee Yuva gave us a glimpse into Rama and Pratap’s love story. In the video, we saw Rama blushing while speaking to Pratap who tells her that he loves when she smiles. During this conversation, Aaisaheb comes and is shocked to see her son have an affair with their househelp. Pratap, on the other hand, is equally taken aback by the quick turn of events. Seeing this, we wonder if Aaisaheb will accept Rama and Pratap’s relationship. Since, both of them come from vastly different backgrounds it seems difficult.
Prior to getting in a relationship with Pratap, Rama was warned by Hari and Manju that Raosaheb will burn her whole family alive if he ever comes to know. Now, that Aaisaheb knows, will she speak to her husband and reveals their son’s secret? As Saajana has come at a crucial point, we can’t wait to watch what happens in the future.

What do you think will happen in the upcoming episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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