Saajana: 5 Resolutions Rama Can Make This Year!

You too can incorporate some of these points in your daily life which will help make you a better person.

Manjiri Shete

January 3, 2020


4 min


Last year has been quite something for Rama in Saajana. She finally met the love of her life while working at the Jahdav’s house, only to have to let him go. It was a rollercoaster of happy and sad moments combined with the lessons which Rama learnt in this journey. As the new year has finally risen, it’s time Rama takes the situation in her own hands and makes resolutions to be accomplished in the coming months. If, like Rama, you are sailing in the same boat, here are initiatives which you take to bring a change in your life! Have a look.

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1. Schedule ‘me time’ 

It isn’t easy to make time for yourself after having a tiring and hectic schedule. After being done with work, people tend to get wrapped up checking their social media with hardly any time to invest in themselves. So, this year we can make a fresh start by cutting down the screen time and spend those few minutes indulging in self-care. This could include habits like tending to your skincare and journaling.

2. Pick up some activity

Doesn’t adulthood easily make you forget your hobbies and inclinations? Amidst the daily chaos, you are barely left with any time in your hands to invest in the things which you really like. Change this habit in the year 2020 and make yourself available for your bucket list. This will also help you break the monotony of life.

3. Become emotionally independent

While it is nice to have loved ones always there to support you, but being alone and learning through your mistakes is better. It helps make logical decisions without anyone’s influence because, in the long run, you have yourself to own up to only. Being all too dependent on someone can make people manipulate you without you even realising.

4. Step outside the village/ comfort zone

In Rama’s case, she has always been in the village and under the protection of her family. However, Rama should take time out to get out of there and explore new career option as being in her comfort isn’t going to help her grow. She can use her culinary skills to expand her business beyond the borders of her village.

5. Start being more thankful

We all, at some point in life, have gone through an incident which changed us and made us the person that we are today. So, rather than, having a negative outlook towards your past, be thankful that it happened. Express gratitude for all that you have in life, it just gives you more satisfaction.

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