Saajana: 5 Reasons Why Rama And Pratap’s Old School Romance Wins In The Dating Age

Rama and Pratap are the true #relationshipgoals that we all need to agree upon.

Manjiri Shete

December 21, 2019


3 min


We regained our faith in love after witnessing Rama and Pratap‘s dedication towards one another in Saajana. The young couple didn’t give up on each other even in the face of adversity. Here’s why their old school is better than the modern age romance!

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

1. In old-school love, you will prioritise your commitment to your partner beyond everything else. The terms like ‘taking a break’ or ‘on and off relationship’ don’t exist since you would rather be with your partner than with someone else. This sort of commitment also adds a person’s faith in their relationship because you know your partner is going to be by your side come what may.

2. When you are meeting each other, you are mentally present at that moment. You keep your phones aside just to know about your partner’s day and learn the things which bother them. Your attention is not diverted by the buzzing notifications on your screen since you are totally living in the moment. To make your presence felt to your loved ones is the best kind of gift you can give them.

3. What lacks in the hook-ups and flings today is the effort which people used to put in the bygone era. The conversations flowed from both sides and giving up on your relationship wasn’t an option. While being in your comfort zone with your partner, you are also constantly planning ways to impress them.

4. Back in time, you were an unfiltered and raw version of yourself. There wasn’t baggage of being someone and proving your worth to people whom you were with. On the contrary, in today’s time, you have constantly keep stepping up your game because apparently, some stranger on social media is impressing their partner in a much better way.

5. You can be in madly and unconditionally be in love with each other while still not announcing your relationship to the world. In the age of putting status updates and increasing your social media following, you also seek validation for your relationship by constantly spamming your virtual friends with personal updates of your life.

Do you agree with the above points? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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