Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2: Napolea Wins Hearts With Her Performance

May 20, 2019


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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2, that is now streaming on the ZEE5 platform is without a doubt amongst one of the most anticipated and cherished talent shows of the country. The first season of this show was a huge success and was able to create a special place for itself in the minds of the people. The second season of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors began on May 18 and did a wonderful job of making that grand entry into the minds of the people.

Watch the grand opening of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2

The first episode of the season 2 began with a warm and energetic welcome to the different sections of the hundred-member jury panel extended by the bubbly host Archana Chandhoke. She later, welcomed in the judges who were going to select the potential members, Sujatha and Srinivas. Once they all got settled in she explained the process of the blind-folded selection process through which the judges and the jury members were going to select the potential contestants, in an impartial manner.

She also explained how the votes from the jury members and the judges would be counted and how 60 percent of weightage would be given to the jury member’s vote and 40 percent to the judges. She also added how only the contestants who would score 75 percent on an average would be selected on the show.

Later, the process of selecting the potential contestants started and it was just a musical event that mesmerised the senses of the viewers. There we some who scored a good percentage, like the contestant named Napolea who was awarded 100 out of 100. There were a few contestants who did share their emotional journey and their struggle to reach this stage.

In short, the grand opening had a grand impact on the minds of the masses. Let’s hope that the contestants continue to entertain us in a similar fashion and we get to hear such soulful music.

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