Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2: Judge Vijay Prakash Shares His Struggle Story After Arul

June 10, 2019


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It is not just beautiful lyrics or beautiful composition that makes a song eternal but it is the people who enjoy the journey of singing and understand that subtle pauses between each note who make it worthwhile. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors Season 2 is a journey of the musicians who yearn to make it big in the industry. It is also a platform which allows each and every individual to prove that worth in front of the music giants.

Watch the struggle of each musician and their musical journey in the show.

As this was the first time that the selected competitors were given marks and judged for their performance. The host of the show Archana Chandoke welcomed the judges Vijay Prakash, Sreenivas and Sujatha to the show and along with with them the guest judge, B. H. Abdul Hameed, was welcomed to the show.

Abdul Hameed, is an iconic celebrity, not only known for presentation skills but also famous for his unique voice which was made famous by the Ceylon Radio and his exemplary Tamil speaking skills. The show which kicked off with Devanandha’s performance had its strong and weak corners where some like Devanandha, Aishwarya, Prakash and Arul Prakash were selected as the golden performers.

Mrithul who mesmerised everyone with his voice was effortless when he presented his music but he did break a sweat when Archana made him propose his wife on the stage. Arul Prakash when came on the stage had an emotional moment when he shared his struggle and his memories with his friends who helped him to reach this stage. This incident led the judge Vijay Prakash to recollect his struggle before he made it big in the Hindi reality music show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, which aired on Zee TV.

Later,  Karthik came up to the stage and as usual, his performance was a perfect blend of emotions and music. In short, there was a mix of emotions on the stage but it sure was a treat to the viewers and the judges.

So, do not forget to catch up with the latest episode of  Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

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